Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Raw Protein Thin Mint Cookie Review

My 80 year old dad was visiting this past week and we decided to make the Pure 2 Raw's protein thin mint cookie recipe. I had already tried making them and asbolutely fell in love with them! They taste really good, and definitely remind me of the thin mints I used to be able to eat before I became gluten free. We had fun making them and even made a PROTEIN THIN MINT COOKIE VIDEOto show you how easy they are to make. These cookies are raw and not baked. After you make up the dough, you simply mold into a cookie and freeze. You won't believe how great they come out. They are hard like a regular cookie, but note that they have to stay cold, because the coconut oil in them will melt. I love these after a workout. Have fun making them... we sure did!

Be sure to CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR FUN VIDEO, as well as other you tube videos we've made. My son loves making the videos and I think he is getting better at holding the camera straight!

I found the Pure 2 Raw website awhile back and am having trying their recipes. It's so hard to find really good recipes when you are so limited to what you can eat. Here is the video from the girls at Pure2Raw.com making their protein thin mint cookies:

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