Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hanging out in Point...

What a beautiful day at the Jersey Shore today. It definitely felt like Spring, so we headed out first thing this morning to take a nice long walk with our dog Mandy, maneuvering our way through the woods and then decided to go antique shopping in Point Pleasant, NJ.
Green Planet's Coffee Shop was the first place we visited, located on Arnold Avenue in Point Pleasant, NJ. We relaxed for a bit on their fluffy couches while enjoying one of their signature chai latte's. It had such a cute atmosphere and while I am now and always will be a Starbucks girl, I would definitley go back again. Their chai latte was absolutely delicous!
After a brief stroll down Arnold Avenue and looking in a few shops, we went to the Point Pleasant Antique Emporium to see what treasures we could find! While no BIG finds, my husband did find a few neat post cards. Other than that, we just enjoyed hanging out together and looking at antiques.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a lovely lunch at Jason's Organic Pizza Cafe. The cute little pizzaria features vegan and gluten free options.
I was in my glory after tasting his gluten free pizza! I loved it, although I was a little concerned when I saw vegan and organic because my husband is not a huge fan. Well, to my surprise, he ordered a whole wheat pizza crust and he really liked it.

He also liked the salad as well. Sh... don't tell him, but the salad had spinach on it. He hates spinach, but he ate up every bit and even liked it!! Looks like I will be trying this for him at home! They were very sweet and even checked the package to make sure their was no gluten in my salad dressing, as well letting me know they have other gluten free options available, including sandwich rolls.

He told me he also was unable to eat gluten as well, so he takes a lot of care in the food he prepares. I will definitely be back!

Well, looks like it's back to reality! It's time to pick up our son from the bus, do some homework and maybe make a quick trip to end our day with an ice cream cone! I love this Spring weather!!